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Highland Tabernacle is an independent Baptist Congregation, spreading the Gospel, studying the Bible, growing in  Jesus, working in unity, and worshiping together all for the glory of God.


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The Spirit of Tyranny and the Murder of the Innocents

February 18, 2019



In a casual reading of Exodus chapter one this morning, I was sickened once again by the murderous nature of the Egyptian Pharaoh, and I marveled at the fear that drove this murderous spirit. Pharaoh was afraid he was losing power in Egypt – that he would no longer be in authority. So, what did he do? “Let’s kill the Israelite babies, so we can keep authority!”


Of course, I can see the pattern in the Bible of this happening. Herod the Great was afraid that he might lose his power to a newborn Messiah King when the Magi came from the East, so what did he do? Killed the babies. 


Is this not enlightening with regards to the holocaust of abortion that has claimed the lives of nearly 57 million unborn babies since Roe v. Wade in 1973? What is the spirit behind abortion? Is it not the underlying motivation of Pharaoh and Herod – the fear that “I might lose control of my life.” In every argument for abortion, even in medical ones where a mother’s life is threatened, the rationalization for abortion is characterized by the same spirit – I need to be in control.


Perhaps this is why Jesus said in the New Testament that whoever was angry with another had already committed murder in his/her heart. Why? Because that same anger of which Jesus is speaking is the anger that comes from our control being taken away, and we experience it every day. When someone pulls in front of you on the highway, and you get angry, you experience this anger of not being in control. When your children are “bouncing off the walls” and you lose your temper, you experience this anger of not being in control. And Jesus calls it the “heart of murder,” because it is the underlying spirit to be in control of everything, behind murder, behind abortion, behind genocide, and even behind everyday bitterness. It’s all from the same source – I want to be in control. 


The answer? Relinquish control to the sovereign God through Jesus Christ believing that He has created us, loves us, and will always do what is absolutely best for us. We lose our control to doctors, lawyers, policemen, politicians, bosses, and even the supermarket cashier regularly, so why not ultimately relinquish authority of our lives to God? 

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